Hornets News · OHSAA Update – April 30th

The following information was sent out yesterday from the state.

Ohio Dept. of Health Order Closing School Facilities

A major announcement yesterday was the Director of the Ohio Dept. of Health’s order that all school buildings will be closed through June 30, 2020. Through a call to the ODH, it was clearly stated that this extends to all school facilities.

 The OHSAA’s No Contact Period Extended through May 31, 2020

The OHSAA’s “No-Contact Regulation” is now extended through May 31, 2020. While this limits the ability for school coaches to directly coach their student-athletes and will also handcuff them from coaching them in non-school programs, it is a result of current restrictions and orders and puts all programs on the same level playing field.  This regulation was implemented long before modern methods of communication and, while we have received many questions on what coaches can or cannot do as a result of “zoom” meetings, text messaging, etc., we have provided guidance that we would ask you to distribute to ALL your coaches.  The intent of this regulation was to prohibit direct contact with students, not electronic methods.  However, many have taken that to a new level to develop various interpretations of their own.  This guidance, which also includes some updates to our General Sports Regulations, is posted at:  https://ohsaaweb.blob.core.windows.net/files/BulletinBoard/OHSAAUpdatesApril30.pdf

Relative to the OHSAA’s No-Contact Regulation:

While the OHSAA’s No-Contact Regulation has been extended through May 31, 2020, the Ohio Department of Health’s order to close all school facilities extends through June 30, 2020, there is every intent to make sure the No-Contact Regulation stays in place as long as the facility shutdown is in place. Though the current order for shutting school facilities is in place through June 30, we felt there would be a chance this could be pulled back to an earlier date. Putting the no-contact period in place until June 1 would provide flexibility in the event it would be. IF it were pulled back to June 15 (example), the OHSAA’s No-Contact Regulation would extend to that same date. If the shutdown remains in effect until June 30, the OHSAA’s No-Contact Regulation will be extended to June 30 as well. We simply felt it gave us more flexibility.

 As long as the Ohio Department of Health’s order to have facilities closed is in place, the OHSAA’s No-Contact Period will be in place.

What’s Ahead?

Much attention was given recently to a communication by the Indiana High School Athletic Association that waived all PPE (athletic physicals) requirements for 2020-21.  Ohio (and nearly all states) believe it is much too early to make that determination, but I assure you that this subject has been on the front burner of our Sport Medicine Advisory Committee and guidance will be given well in advance.  Additionally, other important information items that I want to provide you assurance on are:

–        Eligibility.  Since schools are utilizing many different grading methods, decisions on fall eligibility requirements will be released well in advance as well.  While an obvious decision may be understood to be the best solution to fall eligibility, it is our intent to keep students engaged as long as possible before giving any update.  Look for that toward the end of May.

–        Fall schedules.  Certainly, there are many unknowns.  It is premature to release any of the many plans we have and are currently working on.  However, every potential scenario is being discussed just in case so we can be prepared.  Whether fall sports are delayed, played without fans, shortened (hopefully NONE of those) . . . but all scenarios are being worked on just to be prepared.  And again, they would be communicated to you if anything becomes a reality.