Hornets News · Spring Senior Athlete Spotlight – Peter Thomas

Our next Spring Senior Athlete we will present is Peter Thomas.

Peter is a senior on the rugby team.
Peter plays outside center and wing.
Peter plans on attending the University of Akron and will study Civil Engineering.
Comments: His favorite team memory is beating Medina every year.  Peter’s advice to underclassmen is
first, try to be in the back line because it is so much more fun.  Second, you aren’t going to improve if you don’t focus on the game and get your head into it. Listen to coach Warmbrodt.  My first thank you goes to my parents because they have really supported me 100% with rugby.  My parents have supported me through all 9 seasons that I have played and have been at every game. My second thank you would go out to Coach Warmbrodt for staying on me about everything I did wrong so I could fix it. He never gave up on players, he knows that all players have potential and you need the constructive feedback to get better. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be the player I am at all. My last and biggest thank you goes to every player I have played with on the Highland Buzzards team. They are the ones that made my rugby experience what it was.  I wouldn’t trade my experiences with it for anything. Thank you to everybody associated with the Highland Buzzards Rugby Club.